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"Companies that tap into global talent pools will be far better positioned to excel over the next decade... talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not."

— Matt Redler, Co-Founder and CEO at Panther, via Forbes.

Fighting the world’s growing wealth inequality through global hiring

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted income inequalities around the world. And while remote hiring comes with its challenges, the benefits for companies and employees are far greater. Hiring remote, global talent guarantees returns to everyone involved: to the company, to the employee, to the local government and, ultimately, to communities. It benefits an entire economic system.

It’s about life-work balance, not the other way around

Growing a remote team takes more than hiring remotely. The tools that you use, whether they’re meant to take admin weight off your shoulders or to make work more efficient, will determine the success of your remote work setting.

To Panther, work matters, but it isn’t everything. Our number one priority is to make sure our teammates have everything they need to work (and live!) how they want to. And we want to help more companies embrace that motto too.

Driving innovation through cultural diversity

Drawing from a global talent pool means opening the door to an infinite range of skills, but it also improves company reputation and cultural insights. Diverse cultural views can inspire creativity, cultural sensitivity and better local knowledge, which can also improve targeted marketing.

Cultural diversity increases the company’s competitive advantage but it also attracts and retains more talent.

Remote-based HQs help everyone save money better

Remote employees save around $4,000, every year, by not spending on gas, transport, food and more. But companies save even more. Before the pandemic, employers saved an average of $22,000 per year, per remote employee, which can be invested back into the business to grow it even further — whether that’s investing in resources or people.

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