Release notes

Version updates and improvements to Panther.

July 18, 2021

🏥 Healthcare Plan Updates

Our healthcare plans now feature lower prices and improved benefits for your employees! Have a look at our updated healthcare brochure for more details on the plan updates.

🙋 Collect Manager Information

You can now enter the employee's manager information when onboarding the employee or straight from their profile. If the manager information is missing, you will see a notice on the top of the employee's profile asking you to fill it in.

💰 New Compensation Actions

You can now end/remove compensations from the employee's profile, or cancel pending requests for new compensations.

📅 Flexible Hire Start Dates

You can now hire employees with more flexible start dates.

🧰 Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where the salary input wasn't working
  • Better responsive handling of list items and tables
  • Fixed a Safari bug where input labels were cut off
  • Security improvements
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the feedback form to break
  • Improved handling of tooltips
  • Improved handling of notification banners

May 31, 2021

🔬 Payroll Details

Expand the rows in the payroll page to see a breakdown on the employee's salary and compensation.

🧮 FX Conversion for Salary and Compensation Changes

From now on, when you are requesting a salary change for an employee, or adding compensation, you will be able to specify an amount in the employee's local currency as well as your invoice currency.

🧰 Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where some compensations were missing from the employee's profile after adding them
  • Fixed a bug where the salary input was locked during the new hire process
  • Fixed a bug where the invoice currency was missing during company setup on some browsers
May 11, 2021

💶 Foreign Exchange Rates

Last month we updated the hiring process to include the employee's local currency and your invoiced amounts when you enter a salary.

This week we're migrating to our own FX service for more regular updates on currency exchange rates.

🔑 Company Admins

You will now be able to see all of your company admins listed in the "Company Details" page.

🧰 Fixes and Improvements

  • Refactoring and reducing load times across the board
  • Fixed a bug where the "Company Details" page could not be reached on some browsers
  • Updated font colours to improve accessibility
  • Added a pending state to the salary when there is a change request
  • Added missing links to the employee profile on the new hire confirmation screen
April 16, 2021

🌐 New Domain

This month Panther changed to the new domain (from the old And while we're making sure all links are updated, some may slip trough the cracks, while others may not be redirecting correctly. If you are having trouble logging in to your account with the old link, please use this one:

💼 Employee Profiles

You can now view your employee's profile, where you have access to their personal information, onboarding status, compensation, and benefits details. Payslips and document management are coming soon!

💲 Invoice Currency

Your company will now have a default Invoice Currency set to USD. You will be able to change this from your Company Details later on as we add support for more currencies.

🧮 Local Currencies & Employer Obligations

You will now be able to enter the employee's salary in either your invoice currency or in the employee's local currency based on their country. We'll do the math for you.

Below the salary input, you can now also see the employer's obligations based on the employee's country and their gross annual salary.

💰 Additional Compensation

You will now be able to add additional compensation (e.g., bonus, allowance, expense, etc.) to any of your employees from the Compensations tab on their profile in the form of one-time or recurring compensations. You can also apply the compensation to the current payroll cycle (if it's before the 25th of the month) or plan it for a future payroll cycle.

Additional compensations are pending by default until one of our customer success reps has approved it. When it happens, the "pending" icon will no longer show up next to that compensation.

🏥 Healthcare Plans and Eligibility

If your employee lives in a country where they are not eligible for one of our healthcare plans, we'll let you know during the New Hire process.

You can also add healthcare plans to your existing employees from the Benefits tab on their profile. If the employee is not eligible, we'll let you know.

February 24, 2021

We're live!

We've been working hard on making v1.0 happen, and it's finally here! Here's what's in the first version of Panther:

🤝 Hire Employees

Customers can now onboard employees in a couple of minutes. Just fill in their basic information and details about the job position, and let us do the magic.

To learn more about remote hiring and onboarding employees, visit our help center.

🪄 Run Payroll

A single button packed with magic. Run payroll by clicking a single button, or let us run it for you automatically on the 25th of each month. You deal with a single currency, and everyone on your team is paid in their local currencies.

To learn more about running payroll, payments, and invoicing, visit our help center.

💻 Stay On Top Of Things

Your personalized global payroll dashboard keeps track of the information that matters. Stay up to date on your team statistics, payroll history, upcoming payments, and the status of onboarding members.

⚙️ Other Features

  • View all of your employees, their personal info and salary in one place
  • View the status of you healthcare plans, and number of insured employees under each plan
  • Manage your company information and list of subsidiaries

🎉 #5 on Product Hunt!

Panther was #5 product on Product Hunt on Feb 17, 2021 with over 340 upvotes!

We are deeply grateful for everyone at the PH community who shared feedback and support.