Why companies choose Panther vs Remote.com

We handle your local compliance, payroll, taxes and benefits.
You get the freedom to employ remote workers around the world.

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Panther’s engineer-first product puts us ahead of competitors like Remote.com

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Top-tier HR and local law experts to handle the compliance for you.


We don’t hire law teams to study and handle your compliance — we leave it to local experts.


Employ your next teammates in over 160 countries, with zero effort.


Remote limits your team’s growth by not letting you employ everywhere.


One unchangeable, low flat fee. No matter where you employ.


Remote lets you hire someone in Canada for $299/ month but you pay $599/month everywhere else.


A one-stop platform that saves you time and money.


Remote’s manual work behind the scenes adds in extra time and costs to the process.

Why we’re always one step ahead

Our entire employment process is built to be automated from the get-go. That’s not the case with Remote. We don’t need to put in the manual work with compliance, because our local HR experts handle that through our tech.

Sure, 10% of the work still needs to be automated, as we prepare the platform for bulletproof compliance. That’s still more automation than what Remote counts for. And we won’t be long until it’s 100% on auto-pilot, thus making hiring quick, efficient and stress-free, for both you and your teammates.

And to be the benchmark of Global Employment, we refuse to do all that through scrappy, half-baked tech. In other words, there’ll be no place for compliance mistakes and payroll delays with us — the ultimate reason why companies choose Panther vs Remote.

Marcelo, from Brazil, is employed through Panther

"Before Panther, being a contractor seemed like the only option. Figuring things out became too much to handle, and I was ready to walk way from the job offer. My company in Estonia showed me Panther, and I was happily surprised! Everything was done online, through their system, and onboarding was quick and smooth, with great support."

World-class employment experience and benefits for the world’s best.

Inbar Dayan, Head of People & Culture at BigID

"Working with Panther has given us the ability to expand our global teams by having the right partner to rely on for expert local advice."

No need to waste time learning local laws. Our own local HR entities do that for you.

Craig Hunter, Founder at Dwelling

"We’ve been able to hire incredible people we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to if not for Panther. Total peace-of-mind."

Focus on your work. With Panther, your talented teammates can self-onboard in just a few clicks.

Calanthia Mai, Director of Strategy at Fast

"Talent is undeniably spread globally. The best companies are using Panther to access the talent pool of the entire world."

Grow a talented team in over 160 countries, and champion talent over location.

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How to migrate your payroll and compliance

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