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Panther's platform helps you hire international contractors with locally-compliant contracts, and pay your team with one click.

With our software you can avoid paying penalties for being out of compliance with international labor laws.

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Simplified contractor management in 150+ countries, here's how:

Legal compliance, no matter where you hire.

Labor laws vary dramatically from country to country. Before Panther, you had to spend time and money hiring local lawyers to create compliant contracts, with Panther, you just have to press a button. We work with local experts to ensure you are always in compliance.

Stress-free tax paperwork.

When you hire contractors with Panther, we file all the necessary tax paperwork. Don’t spend another minute wondering if you’ve got all your tax documents in order.

One-click payment and organized invoices.

With Panther, you no longer have to pay each of your contractors individually. Instead, you can make a single payment to get your entire team paid, each in their own local currency. And, their invoices will be automatically generated and available within the platform.

Scales with your business.

It only takes a few clicks to begin onboarding your first contractor to the platform. From there, the sky’s the limit: Hire one or one thousand.