Pay your global, remote team with one click

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product-global payroll

One invoice for your entire team.

We combine all your payments in one place.

Add in compensations and reimbursements

Include them into contracts, or add them later as one-time or recurring payments every time you run payroll.

Approve Payroll with one click.

A push of a button is all it takes to pay your teammates, wherever they are.

Team gets paid on time, every time

For your teammates, payday is always business as usual.

Detailed payments overview

Get the numbers on local tax, and know how much you’re paying with each payroll.

Payroll history

Have a sense of the bigger picture, with a month-to-month outline of your expenses.

70+ local payout methods

You pay in USD; your teammates get paid in their local currency.

Secure payments

With the highest industry standards in place, safer and faster payments are a guarantee.

Payday is business as usual with Panther

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Common questions.

How do I pay my teammates if they're from different countries?

We charge you in USD and pay your employees in their local currency, using the mid-market rate. Currency fluctuations may impact the amount you pay, as your employees will always be paid the same amount in their local currency.

All that with one invoice, only, for your entire global team.

How do you calculate Gross and Net salary?

Gross salary is the pre-tax amount that is awarded to the employee. It includes social security contributions and/or other payments or taxes mandatory by local laws, along with income tax, which varies both according to local laws and the employee's personal tax situation.

Net salary is the post-tax amount that the employee actually receives in their bank account. The rules for calculating the net salary also vary from country to country according to their legal framework.

What payment methods are available for me?

We currently support direct debits via ACH in the United States and via SEPA in the Eurozone.

How can I get in touch with Panther?

Email us at, or use the contact form in the Contact page.

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