Global employment made faster, better, and crystal-clear

Grow faster and bridge your company's skill gap by building a remote team with Panther.

Why choose Panther?

You’ll attract the best talent.

Increasingly, the best talent in the world want to have the flexibility to work remote. Companies that allow for this, will have an easier time finding the right person with the right skills.

Our tech makes things faster.

With Panther, you don’t have to spend months, even years, trying to figure out compliance, payroll, taxes or setting up a local entity, just to hire one person. We accomplish all that, and more, through our engineer-first platform.

We’re more efficient.

We own entities in each of the 170+ countries we operate in. This way, neither you nor your new employee have to worry about legal compliance or local laws. We do the work, so you don't have to.

It costs you way less.

Because you don’t have to set up local entities to hire employees in other countries (a must when hiring the traditional way), global employment can come in at a much lower cost than it used to. No need to go bankrupt growing your global and remote A-team.

No stone left unturned.

From setup to paycheck, we make sure your team has all it needs to work and live happily, wherever they are in the world.

Bulletproof compliance put on auto-pilot.

Take back control of your work and time. Panther automates your compliance and taxes, so you can get back to doing the things that matter.


Contracts and agreements available in minutes.

Get locally compliant and fully customized contracts in 48 business hours or less, sent by our local HR experts via our platform.


Pay your entire team with one invoice and one click.

We help you keep things simple. Get a single invoice for your entire global team. When it's time to pay, all it takes is one click.


New employees can onboard in seconds.

Put the magic of async into your hiring process. New teammates can onboard on their own, via the platform.


Spoil your teammates with the care that they deserve.

Offer your remote teammates the benefits they need to work and live happily. We empower you to give them access to worldwide, private health insurance.


If you’re a Founder

  • Panther is startup-friendly and cost-conscious.

  • We’re a startup with a global, remote team: we know what it’s like.

  • Panther takes away distractions and bottlenecks.

  • We handle the nitty gritty so you can focus on your work.

  • No paperwork involved. It’s all via our platform.

  • No time wasted learning local laws, compliance, taxes or payroll. We’ve automated it.

  • Get a competitive advantage by going remote.

  • Transparency and around-the-clock support for you and your team.

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If you’re an HR professional

  • Access to global benefits for a world-class team.

  • Transparency at every employment stage. Know what’s happening at all times.

  • No delays or errors with automated payments.

  • No time wasted learning local laws, compliance, taxes or payroll. We’ve put them on auto-pilot.

  • Increase employee retention.

  • Attract the best talent by erasing location-only criteria.

  • Grow employee’s satisfaction and happiness.

  • Improve on work culture by letting people to live and work how they want to, wherever they want.

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Panther Raises $2.5M from Tribe Capital, Eric Ries, and Carta Ventures to help businesses hire and pay employees in 160+ countries + Amazon Web Services (AWS) Activate partnership launched!

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Why companies love Panther

"Working with Panther has given us the ability to expand our global teams by having the right partner to rely on for expert local advice."

- Inbar Dayan, Head of People & Culture at Big ID

"We’ve been able to hire incredible people we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to if not for Panther.
Total peace-of-mind."

- Craig Hunter, Founder at Dwelling

"Talent is undeniably spread globally. The best companies are using Panther to access the talent pool of the entire world."

- Calanthia Mai, Director of Strategy at Fast

True talent sees no borders. Will you?

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What does traditional global employment look like?

Without Panther, you have to be ready to spend hundreds of dollars to employ globally. For eg., if you’re looking to hire in one country only, you’ll be spending $80,000 minimum.

That’s because hiring abroad typically requires building or buying a local branch, registering it as a subsidiary of your headquarters, filing for local bank accounts, keeping up to date with changing local labor laws and collective bargaining rights, and contracting local payroll, accounting, legal, and HR personnel. This process takes months if you're lucky, a year if you're not.

Panther eliminates the need for a local subsidiary by taking over the heavy lifting and saving you tens of thousands of dollars—and precious time.

You’re a startup. Can I trust you in the long-run?

Yes. We’re backed by some of the best minds and companies in the world, we’ve helped multiple businesses (some valued at over $1B) employ incredible people from all over the world, and our global legal infrastructure is top notch. We nurture strong relationships with massive organizations, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), and we work with some of the most talented, passionate and dedicated people in the world: our team.

I already work with another EOR. How can I transition?

Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. To know more, download our EOR transition guide below.

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