Work for the company you love, wherever you are in the world

We automated global compliance, payroll, taxes and benefits to make it easy for you to be employed by the company you love, wherever you call home.


No need to choose between your dream job and a great place to live

People are the backbone of every company. And we want to help them take advantage of the unique opportunities that come their way. That's why Panther makes it possible for employees to live the life they want, in country A to Z, without having to walk away from a job they love.


Our automated HR makes global employment a world-class experience

Our one-stop platform makes it effortless for your company to hire you, compliantly, in over 150 countries, in a matter of hours. That’s the magic of global HR on automation.


Get paid on time, every time, in your currency

With compliance on auto-pilot, so is payroll. Automated payments guarantee you get the right amount, on the dot, every time, without setbacks or mistakes.


Live and work wherever you want in the world

With compliance on auto-pilot in 160+ countries, making things ready for you and your company to work together is a breeze. And if you happen to decide to relocate, making it happen is just as swift.


Benefits that make sense to you

Different people look at benefits in different ways, depending on where they live. That’s why we don’t do one-size-fits-all, but shape benefits around your needs instead.

From private medical, dental, and vision insurance, to paid holidays and more, we comply with local laws to make sure you stay productive, healthy and protected.


One place to keep track of it all

Check payroll history, benefits and insurance coverage, personal details and employment status in one single platform.

More than 160 countries to call home

The same first-level experience.


Are you an employee disguised as a contractor?

Getting hired as a contractor when you’re really an employee can result in serious trouble to you and your company. Plus, figuring out how to set up your contractor business, while staying compliant, can be overwhelming. With Panther, you become the employee you were always meant to be.

We can reach out to your company, too.

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Common questions

Will Panther be my Employer?

We're the Intermediary Employer. This means that your company hired us to guarantee that they could employ you without having to set up a subsidiary where you live. We handle compliance and payroll on their behalf, but you work for them.

Can I work from any Country?

Yes. Your company can employ in over 160 countries. See the list.

What if I’m already hired through you. Can I relocate?

Absolutely! Panther works with companies on all stages of employment. Whether you’re a new hire or a veteran employee looking to live the life you always wanted, we’ve got your back. If you’re employed through us but decide to move to another country, consider it done. Changing addresses and bank details is quick, and compliance will be done in hours.

Is it bad if I get hired as a Contractor instead?

There’s nothing wrong with being a Contractor. The problem is when you’re hired as a contractor when you should be an employee. This means that you get the responsibilities of being an employee, minus the perks.

- You have to do your own tax withholdings
- You might find trouble getting a mortgage, due to "Unreliable income on paper."
- Lack of protections and benefits other employees have: parental leave, private health insurance, etc
- No paid time off or sick leave pay
- You have to cover your own expenses (eg., office setup)
- Non-compliance risks (misclassifying your contractor status/category due to lack of multiple clients, can cause problems and heavy fines for both you and the company).
- If you’re a contractor working abroad, your company might be banned from hiring or doing business in the country you live, due to non-compliance.
- Unpredictable income: often, in contractor agreements, you're being paid in the Company's currency, which means your income flexes heavily up or down depending on exchange rates.

With Panther, you don’t have to worry about that. We can help make you the employee you were meant to be, wherever you call home.

Can I get in touch with you if I have more questions?

Of course! Email us at, and our team will give you the support you need.

— Head over to our Help Center for more answers.

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