The easiest way to hire and pay contractors, anywhere in the world.

Hiring contractors used to take weeks. With Panther you can hire, onboard, and pay your contractors all in the same place––in just a few clicks. And, our experts in 160+ countries make sure that you’re always legally compliant.

Save 99% of your time on invoices by paying with a single click.

It’ll take you 10 seconds to pay every single contractor that works for you. And it doesn’t matter where they all live, because each contractor can receive their payment in the currency of their choice. All you have to do is press a button.

Stay on top of compliance, everywhere.

Local laws for contractors in each country––or even each state––are all different. With our platform, each contract that’s generated is locally-compliant with the laws wherever your teammate is located. So neither you, nor they, will have to worry about following the rules. Because you automatically will be.

Get auto-generated tax forms for your contractors.

When you hire contractors, you’ll be responsible for tax forms: W-9, W-8EB, and 1099, to name a few. These can get confusing fast. Our platform will auto-generate and file the necessary tax documents for each contractor so you don’t spend days trying to figure out if you’re following the rules.

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Your life is about to get a lot easier. Here’s how. 

Legally-compliant contracts.

You can hire anyone in 160+ countries and always be compliant with local laws.

Payments in one click.

Our platform will auto-generate invoices for your contractors, and you can pay them all in a single click. Those contractors can receive the payment in the currency of their choice.

Tax documents.

We’ll generate tax documents, like W-9s and 1099s, for your contractors.

24/7 support.

We believe in global teams––teams where there’s always someone working, somewhere in the world. So, we offer 24/7 support: You can reach us at your most convenient time, no matter where you live.

Easy onboarding.

Your contractors can get set up in less than 5 minutes.

Here are a few of the companies hiring contractors with Panther.

Working with Panther has given us the ability to expand our global teams by having the right partner to rely on for expert local advice.

 — Inbar Dayan, Head of People & Culture at Big ID

Talent is undeniably spread globally. The best companies are using Panther to access the talent pool of the entire world.

 — Calanthia Mai, Director of Strategy at Fast

We’ve been able to hire incredible people we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to if not for Panther.
Total peace-of-mind.

 — Craig Hunter, Founder at Dwelling

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