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Common questions.

How does employing through Panther work?

Panther licenses entities around the world that act as the local employer-of-record for your employees. Your team will be on our payroll, eliminating your need to navigate foreign subsidiaries. We take care of local compliance, social and pension contributions, and income tax retention.

Employees engaged through Panther will sign a standard local employment contract with us that specifies their rights, their duties as a member of your team, and assigns all intellectual property to your company.

What’s the cost of hiring abroad without Panther?

You’ll be looking at $80,000 minimum, per country. That’s because hiring abroad typically requires building or buying a local branch, registering it as a subsidiary of your headquarters, filing for local bank accounts, keeping up to date with changing local labor laws and collective bargaining rights, and contracting local payroll, accounting, legal, and HR personnel. This process takes months if you're lucky, a year if you're not.

Panther eliminates the need for a local subsidiary. Our local legal experts take over the heavy lifting and save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Can I hire Contractors through you?

It’ll come soon. We’re making it possible for you to hire Contractors through us, with the same local due diligence we follow for employees.

How does Panther handle payments and currency exchange?

We charge USD and pay employees in their local currency. Currency fluctuations may impact the amount you pay, as your employees will always be paid the same amount in their local currency. In our calculations, we use the mid-market rate.

What benefits does Panther offer my employees?

All employees have access to private medical, dental, and vision insurance through SafetyWing, our benefits partner, along with short/long-term travel, Private and Public Hospital charges, COVID-19 treatment and much more.
We also offer access to short-term disability, long-term disability, and life insurance benefits.

Is Panther the Employer?

No. We just handle the admin. Your company, your employees — not ours.

Can I get in touch with you if I have more questions?

Of course! Email us at, and our team will give you the support you need.

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