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To us, headquarters are as outdated as Walkmans

We had fun with Walkmans. But that doesn’t mean we should still be using them when there are better, far more efficient alternatives for listening music today. And if you don’t know what a Walkman is, well, that’s how outdated headquarters are to us.

From the smallest startups to the world's largest companies, Panther works to help teams champion talent over location, hire the best people on the planet, and scale their efforts globally.

We do that by building global employment and payroll infrastructure that gives companies the ability to forget about borders and grow a powerhouse team, wherever they are. And we'd like your help.

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Building the benchmark for global employment

Where we are

We have a staggering amount of work ahead. We’re a young company, but we’ve already come very far—and we’ve yet more to accomplish. In our day-to-day, we care about the details and take pride in freeing up our users to focus on meaningful work. This is a commitment we all make.

Where we need to be

We want to stay ahead. Not just for the sake of global employment in general, but for the sake of our users too. We want to get to the regions they wish to expand to before they do. And this is not just about growing globally as a company—it’s also about growing with our users.

Fighting systemic economic inequality

Our mission is to turn every country into an opportunity center. Not only is this better for businesses and their employees, but the world as a whole.

Underdeveloped countries remain so because their economies are restricted. By giving global employers the superpower to hire anywhere, they can find the extraordinary talent in these nations, thus spurring global economic growth.

A global team, one country at a time

Panthers build products and support our users across coffee shops, homes, beaches, and co-working spaces from Miami to Lisbon, and everywhere in between.

Matt Redler

CEO, Co-Founder
🇺🇸 Tampa, Florida

Vasil Popovski

CTO, Co-Founder
🇲🇰 Skopje, Macedonia

Sanja Zakovska

Head of Product
🇲🇰 Skopje, Macedonia

Darko Bozhinovski

Software Engineer
🇲🇰 Skopje, Macedonia

DeWayne Roy

Sales Lead
🇺🇸 Atlanta, Georgia

Vassily Dela Cruz

Virtual Assistant
🇵🇭 Calabarzon, Philippines

Marijan Karovski

Software Engineer
🇲🇰 Skopje, Macedonia

Maria Marques

Head of Copy
🇵🇹 Lisbon, Portugal

Blythe Renay

Head of Community
🇺🇸 Dallas, Texas

Vladimir Tasik

Software Engineer
🇲🇰 Skopje, Macedonia

Corey Dolik

Partnerships Lead
🇺🇸 Boston, Massachusetts

Panther’s way of work

Playground session every week.

We laugh, we get comfortable, we play games every week for one hour.

Async is part of our day-to-day.

We make sure everyone’s on the same page by using remote-friendly apps.

We don’t sit around the desk all day.

We go to the gym or enjoy a walk, mid-day. Let’s call them productive breaks.

Life-work balance.
Not the other way around.

People won’t be motivated to work if they’re not allowed to live their best life.

Hours don’t define work. What we make of them does.

Goals sometimes take 2h to achieve. Sometimes, eight. It’s ok both ways.

We figure things out together.

We’re a team. We support each other in our work and personal goals.

Work and live anywhere. From a beach in Australia, to a mountain in Sweden, or the forests of Peru.
We’re 100% remote.

All the things you need to stay happy and productive

Global insurance coverage

Wherever you are, wherever you travel to, you’ll stay protected with us.

Stock options

Ownership for a team that helps Panther grow and stay at its best.

Company retreat

We’ll meet ocasionally, once we’re allowed to, somewhere in the world.

Paid time off

You get plenty of time off to decompress and enjoy your holidays.

Parental leave

The number of weeks will depend on the country, but everyone has the right to it.

All statutory benefits

You’ll be covered by all statutory benefits your country of residence offers.

Office setup budget

Work space allowance with a refreshed budget after two years.