Hiring Evolved Event

April 29, 2021

This week, we have been discussing hiring across all of our social media channels with a lineup of amazing guests!

Day one, we talked about hiring before the pandemic.

Day 1 of Hiring Evolved, an Asynchronous Celebration.

Day two, we moved on to discussing how hiring changed once the pandemic started.

Day 2 of Hiring Evolved, an Asynchronous Celebration.

Day three, the conversation shifted to how our guests leveled up their hiring processes recently.

Day 3 of Hiring Evolved, an Asynchronous Celebration

And today, we're talking about what hiring challenges are still being faced.

Day 4 of Hiring Evolved, an Asynchronous Celebration

We are ENDING the week with a Live Q&A Panel with our guests:

Tim Salau, Co-Founder of Guide
Jon Thurmond, Creator of HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast
Jules Good, Founder and CEO of Neighborhood Access
Rhiannon Payne Author of Remote Work Era
Jermaine Jupiter, Tech Recruiter and Career Coach, JupiterHR
Prem Kumar, CEO of Humanly
Carleen Haylett, Founder and CEO of Sit-a-Bit

We will be talking with them about where they see the future of hiring going. Tips and tricks on how to land a remote a job. And how to attract and recruit the best talent in the world for your startup.

Hiring Evolved: An Asynchronous Celebration is an online conference that will take place across Panther’s social media channels, culminating in a Live Q&A Event with our guests on April 30th at 6pm UTC!

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