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April 27, 2021

Employing talent everywhere without the constraints of physical borders and local bureaucracy is becoming, more and more, a reality to hundreds of teams. At Panther, we work towards this goal every day, and we're very proud to make the empowerment of true talent possible, wherever it might be.

Being voted as a top place to work, BigID is one of the companies that we're more than happy to help grow a powerhouse global team.

The pursuit of global talent with Panther

With offices set up across the world, world expansion is natural for BigID. But the more countries a company employs in, the more compliance can become a giant and expensive monster. And with an ever-growing global team, cost efficiency is a top priority. Knowing how much it would cost to hire just one person in one single country (>$70,000), BigID knew that their best option was to engage with an Employer of Record (EOR).

When trying to hire salespeople from Australia and Japan, however, they soon found out that the usual EORs weren't really helping them cut costs that much. Plus, each EOR seemed to practice different prices depending on the country of employment. This meant that BigID still had to dedicate time and money to investigate the total cost of employment plus fees for every country.

"We'd have to pay 5x more the price of Panther if we went with other EORs. It was too expensive and not something we wanted to pursue at all. Plus, we wouldn't have been able to hire in as many countries. " - Inbar Dayan, VP of People at BigID.

First-class experience for both employers and employees

For BigID, having a partner that wouldn't let them or their employees down mattered the most. BigID is a big company, and to stay focused on their work they don't want to worry about laws, compliance, or the complexities of payroll — just as they don't want that pressure to fall on their employees' shoulders. With Panther, they now have access to a global infrastructure that gives them bulletproof compliance and payroll, plus leading technology to back it up. All this, so they can hire the best and only the best, with no borders in mind.

"We wanted to have someone to hold our hand throughout the employment process, someone that we can trust. And that's exactly what we have with Panther." Inbar Dayan, VP of People at BigID

With Panther as their EOR, BigID now has one single place to manage all their remote employees, wherever they hire in the world, and is now capable to focus on being talent-first. Not only that, their employees stay happy from being able to live wherever they want to without sacrificing a great place to work.

"When it comes to laws and compliance, no news is great news. I have no complaints from the team, and no red flags. That's always the best I can hope for." - Inbar Dayan, VP of People at BigID.

~ About BigID ~

BigID's data intelligence platform allows companies to get insights into their enterprise data and take action for privacy, protection, and perspective. Customers deploy BigID to proactively discover, manage, protect, and get more value from their regulated, sensitive, and personal data across their data landscape.

BigID has raised over $200 million in funding since its founding in 2016 and has been recognized for its data intelligence innovation as a 2019 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, named to the 2020 Forbes Cloud 100, a Business Insider 2020 AI Startup to Watch, and an RSA Innovation Sandbox winner.

BigID is headquartered in New York City and has offices worldwide. It's founded by security industry veterans spanning the identity, data security, big data, and governance markets.

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