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Panther's global employment platform makes it possible for companies to employ and grow first-class remote teams wherever they are. Founded by Matt & Vasil, two friends from Florida and Macedonia, and backed by some of the planet's best investors, we exist to empower businesses to champion talent over location.

Our story

In 2019, Matt Redler and Vasil Popovski created Chefit, an app that made it easy to order from personal chefs. But they realized that what they were building was more than an app. Matt and Vasil were growing an incredible global team filled with talented people.

Sadly, Chefit closed during COVID-19, and after departing, our founders worked day and night to make sure that everyone landed on new opportunities. They talked with companies that wanted to hire their teammates but couldn't because they didn't have entities set up across Europe — nor did they had any interest in it. The process takes months if you're lucky, a year if you're not, is expensive and requires navigating a ton of foreign compliance.

So, Matt and Vasil offered that their entities proxy-hire our former team members on their behalf. And that's how Panther came to be.

The most significant consideration of the work-from-anywhere movement is that less expensive, highly talented global workforces are becoming the norm. We're humbled to build the bridges that facilitate distributed teams.

If you're building a global team that lets employees work from anywhere, we can help.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the name.

Yes, we might remind you of that beautiful big cat, but that was a happy coincidence. For us Panther = Pangaea + Together.

Our values


Panther started because we wanted to help our own, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Caring about people got us here and it’s what moves us forward.


We’re authentic and aim to do right by people, every single time.


Nothing has a double or hidden meaning with us. What people see is what they get.


We keeps things simple, straightforward, and realistic.


We pay attention to detail, and do things with consciousness and rigor. We know that if one bit isn’t up to par, it can affect people’s lives.

Dream big

We think of the whole picture, and we’re not afraid to dream beyond limitations.

The one big focus

We help companies build global remote teams, by making global hiring as quick and uncomplicated as hiring locally.

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