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Borderless payroll, compliance and benefits for remote teams. Made with love from around the 🌎.

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Hiring globally isn’t easy.
We just make it feel that way.

Hire anyone in the world in minutes. 

You get to hire anyone you want: Our experts worldwide will handle legal compliance. A couple of clicks, a few signatures, and you can hire anyone in 160+ countries. That’s it, really.

Pay your entire team with a single click.

Get a single invoice for your entire global team. When it's time to pay, all it takes is one click. The best part? Everyone gets paid in the local currency of their choice.

Offer the best benefits to your global team.

Offer your teammates the benefits they need to work and live happily. We’ll help you give them access to worldwide, private health insurance and much, much more.

It’s global hiring, simplified.

Wherever you go in the world, we’re here to help.

You’ll attract the best talent.

Increasingly, the best talent, whether employee or contractor, in the world wants to have the flexibility to work remotely. Companies that allow this will have an easier time finding the right person with the right skills.

Our tech makes things faster.

With Panther, you don’t have to spend months, even years, trying to figure out compliance, payroll, taxes or setting up a local entity, just to hire one person. We accomplish all this and more through our automation-first platform.

We’re more efficient.

Employ in 160+ countries we operate in. This way, neither you nor your new employee has to worry about legal compliance or local laws. We do the work, so you don't have to.

It costs you way less.

Because you don’t have to set up local entities (a must when hiring the traditional way), global employment can come in at a much more cost effective way. No need to go bankrupt growing your global and remote A-team.

Why companies love Panther.

Talent is undeniably spread globally. The best companies are using Panther to access the talent pool of the entire world.

 — Calanthia Mai, Director of Strategy at Fast

We’ve been able to hire incredible people we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to if not for Panther.
Total peace-of-mind.

 — Craig Hunter, Founder at Dwelling

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Build the global team of your dreams. We do the heavy lifting.