Automated global payroll and compliance for remote teams

Panther puts global payroll, benefits, taxes, and local compliance on auto-pilot, without you having to set up a subsidiary.

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Employing globally is an
anxiety-inducing trip.
Not with Panther

When you hire the world’s best, great work comes with it. But growing a global powerhouse is not easy, or cheap. Compliance? Years to figure out. The costs? At least $80,000 per country.

With Panther, years of bureaucracy turn to minutes, and subsidiaries become a thing of the past — for a fraction of the cost.

One platform that gets everything done.
Yes, e-ve-ry-thing

From setup to paycheck, you can manage every detail of your global team’s employment through Panther.



Turnkey employment in over 160 countries

Don't waste years setting up foreign subsidiaries, and save millions in the process. We have our own, so you can start working with your teammates, right away.



Compliance in minutes. From Japan to Nigeria

Keeping up with foreign laws, tax legislation, and compliance filings puts important work in the backlog. Our global labor law experts handle all that for you. You don’t have to do a thing.



One invoice, one click: everyone gets paid

Don’t stress over currency and tax calculations. With our simplified payroll, one click pays everyone in your team, no matter where they live. They withdraw their payments in their local currency.



Keep your team healthy and protected

They get access to a comprehensive, global, and private healthcare insurance. We can also add company- or country-specific benefits that’ll keep them happy and motivated to do great work.


It’s global hiring, simplified

Onboard teammates in minutes.

No unnecessary questions or steps in the way. Your teammates can onboard in just a few clicks.

Employ in 160+ countries.

Build your global team compliantly, anywhere you want. No need to establish local entities.

Flat price, no extra fees.

Pay a single fee for each new international hire, whether you’re welcoming ten or ten thousand.

They’re your employees.

We don’t own the creative talent, you do. Employees’ IP and day-to-day business, it’s all yours to keep.

One source of truth.

Manage payroll, invoices, documents, contracts and hires through our platform.

Employer and team support.

We’ll be there for you and your teammates, every step of the way. Including offboarding.

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Why companies love Panther

"Working with Panther has given us the ability to expand our global teams by having the right partner to rely on for expert local advice."

- Inbar Dayan, Head of People & Culture at Big ID

"We’ve been able to hire incredible people we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to if not for Panther.
Total peace-of-mind."

- Craig Hunter, Founder at Dwelling

"Talent is undeniably spread globally. The best companies are using Panther to access the talent pool of the entire world."

- Calanthia Mai, Director of Strategy at Fast

Build the global team of your dreams. We'll do the heavy-lifting.

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